Our Policy on Occupational Health and Safety

The Occupational Health and Safety Policy, which we have adapted as Alpil Aluminum, is based on humans and the environment it lives within. The first priority is “Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)” in every field where Alpil Aluminum operates, and the slogan of “protect your health and work” represents this concept. Everyone is responsible for conducting the needed within the limits of their authority for in order to ensure a secure & healthy working environment. One of our most important targets is to protect all our employees and the environment surrounding us against the potential risks of our business field.

In this direction, we are committed to the following in terms of our OHS policy;

  • To take all due measures, keep all kinds of tools, gadgets and Personal Protective Equipment present at the workplace & the appurtenances thereof and to ensure their use as needed in order to ensure the health & safety of the employees, subcontractors, visitors and our personnel working outside the company,
  • To predetermine and eliminate the insecure situations, movements and potential accident risks that can lead to work accidents and occupational diseases at the workplace and the appurtenances thereof through an efficient risk assessment,
  • To determine risks that can lead to work accident and occupational diseases at the workplace; to ensure the health, safety and social welfare of employees, visitors and subcontractors at every level; to reduce all kinds of material and spiritual losses that may be suffered by them and their families in the future,
  • To train our employees on the subject of occupational health and safety; to ensure that they attain a good level of awareness on occupational health and safety,
  • İşyerinde hizmet veren alt yüklenici ve ziyaretçilerin de Alpil Alüminyum’un koymuş olduğu iş sağlığı ve güvenliği ile ilgili kurallara uymalarını sağlamayı,
  • To ensure that the subcontractors that provide service at the workplace as well as the visitors therein comply with the rules on occupational health and safety established by Alpil Aluminum,
  • Making Alpil Aluminum an exemplary company before the associated institutions, chambers of industry and charities in terms of OHS applications,
  • To estimate the potential situations in the future by considering the development of the industrial world, to improve continuously and overhaul our situation.
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