About Us

About Us

       Alpil Aluminum is a subsidiary of Celaloğlu Plastics that has been engaging in mining and plastic recycling in Adana for 30 years. Celaloğlu Plastics is already one of our country’s largest integrated plastic recycling facilities with a monthly production capacity of 4 thousand tons.

Our Mission

“Becoming a solution partner that contributes ease and joy to our customers’ projects with our happy and innovative personnel”.

We Are Innovative

  • We determine the agenda as the sector’s leader in ideas and applications.
  • We derive our power from our differences, innovativeness and creativeness.
  • We attach value to feedbacks and self-criticism and we create opportunities for development.

We Are Brave

  • We take rapid decisions and we speedily implement change and novelty.
  • We aim success for each subject and we struggle without recoil.
  • We orientate the market with authentic and new solutions and we manage competition.

We Are Open For Cooperation

  • We value each other and we believe in succeeding together.
  • We work as hard as we can and we are proud & happy for overcoming the most difficult.
  • We trust each other’s knowledge & skills and we work shoulder-to-shoulder.

Our Vision

Becoming the “most liked and preferred” company in our sector.”

We Are Reliable

  • We are close to our customers, we provide the best solutions for their necessities.
  • We share our decisions with a transparent communication.
  • We comprehend and respect differences.

We Are Full of Life

  • We start each day with an excitement.
  • We always think young and live dynamically.
  • We work with joy and pleasure.

We Are Frank

  • We behave as we are, away from commonplace and prejudice.
  • We share life with its delight and sadness, and we share responsibility with its challenges and successes.
  • We make investments that will add value to the society and future generations.

Our Values

  • Reliability

It is the measure of success according a certain unerring processing standard that is predetermined for employees, managers, products and processes. It is consistency in Processes and Results and the customer approval obtained consequently.

It is the reliability of our employees and mangers; it is the consistency of representations & acts and straightforwardness. It is the reliability of the system and processes. Best quality results are produced under the most health environment and conditions. The most important acquisition so obtained is the customer satisfaction and trust.

  • Sustainable Success

Success is the materialization of the expected performance. Today, success is only valuable and permanent when it is sustainable. A continuous development is achieved in the long-term when success is based on sustainable developments. Managing success is more difficult than reaching it. While employees enjoy the happiness of success, the management instructs new and higher targets.

Decisions should be materialized with correct plans in order to achieve development in every field, mental development, continuous & health growth. More ambitious targets are set while preserving those already at hand. New strategies and targets keep the company dynamic and young. Time is very important for setting new targets. Efforts are made to map out strategies when creating a success; and all cadres & employees are supported for the required training infrastructure for a team that has focused on the same target. It is focused on results, on rendering the targeted success permanent and improving ceaselessly for ensuring continuity by focusing on the result…

  • Perfection

“I have to be the best”. Perfection is defined as being complete, faultless, competent and proficient. It is the best quality operation of a corporate structure including all of its functions, business processes and units. Positions, roles, works, required proficiencies, the trainings required by such proficiencies and processes are defined in the companies. Importance and support is attached not only to all definitions and the conformance of the work to the processes, but the inclusion of persons’ entire minds in the process. New ideas are listened, assessed, awarded and implemented with interest. It is an important indicator of showing how much added value is created through the perfection approach. to the business partners as well as all private and artificial persons that have direct relations with the corporation. It attaches equal importance to the environmental phenomenon and stakeholders that do not have direct relations with the corporation. Corporate perfection is targeted not only within the business and production processes but also in all functions, structures or organizations.

  • Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is defined as uniting labor, capital and nature and thereafter designing & organizing the manufacturing process as an important factor of production and undertaking all associated risks. The entrepreneurship approach governs the entire corporation. New ideas & opinions are supported and evaluated. Skills, bravery and knowledge represent importance components of the entrepreneurship approach. It is important to know the demands & expectations of customers during the evaluation of new business fields. One of our values, reliability, is also very important in terms of entrepreneurship. Self-confidence of the person and the corporation is as much important as the trust of the markets and partners to the person and the corporation for turning entrepreneurship into trust. Being open to novelties require the ability to produce untraditional and new solutions to problems and necessities. Timely detection of opportunities during the development of new ideas, precise timing during application, ability to undertake risks, retreating and accelerating according to conditions represent factors that increase the success curve. Factors that keep an entrepreneur ahead of its rivals are its pioneering approaches and the ability to take solid & rapid decisions.

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