 Production Facility

Celaloğlu Plastics, which provides service to the plastic recycling sector for 30 years on the Adana – Mersin Highway, entered the aluminum sector under the Alpil Brand. In our production facility that has a closed area of 9000 m2, we manufacture plastics that are obtained from recycling at an approximate monthly quantity of 4000 tons and we also perform laminate and composite procedures for aluminum plates.

On our 70 meters production line that is equipped with cutting-edge technology, we perform, and at a single step, the manufacturing of these products that become composite panels after passing through 9 stages. In our machinery line, which is comprised of 36 cylinders that perform Heating, Cooling and Ironing procedures, we can annually produce an approximate quantity of 1.000.000 m2 aluminum composite panels.

With a broad range of color options and in addition to more than 50 polyester and pvdf dye options, Alpil Aluminum, which imports the aluminum raw material from abroad but meets its polyethylene raw material requirement from its own recycling facilities, can also produce in special colors if demanded.

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