Our Quality Policy

  • Complying with the national & international standards that govern the sector and the legislation on quality, occupational health and safety and the environment.
  • Fully comprehending, meeting and responding to the necessities & expectations of customers.
  • Ensuring the timely delivery of products as undertaken during the sales process.
  • While not conceding on quality, to identify being always open to novelties, continuous betterment and producing the best at each point as our fundamental philosophy.
  • To ensure employee satisfaction in all departments of the company.
  • To ensure the prevention of environmental pollution and the betterment of our environmental performance during all our production & servicing stages.
  • Listening to our customers and the employees associated with the Alpil brand and revising our processes that are bothersome for our customers.
  • We guarantee the quality of services we provide, assess the complaints & requests of our customers in a fair & objective manner and undertake the associated responsibility.
  • We descend to the root causes of complaints & recommendations and implement permanent improvements on our systems and processes.
  • While in accordance with the legislation and arrangements, using our experience, using all resources we have in our customer-focused service and the feedbacks we receive from our customers in order to turn them into “customer satisfaction”.
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