HR Policy

  • To protect and improve the company awareness and corporate culture in Alpil.
  • With the awareness of working in Alpil and being a member of the Alpil family, to create a long-term working environment that is conformant with the company vision in the long-run and that is based on firm & permanent foundations.
  • To ensure that the priority for human values and employee resources become common within the corporate culture, to know & comprehend human resource better, to provide its personal development and to increase its productivity.

“Our Most Valuable Assets are Our Employees.”

Alpil’s Human Resources Strategy, which tries to emphasize the “Human Values” concept in Terminology instead of Human Resources;
Aims at creating a trained human power that is focused on company’s targets and growth strategies, that works as a team, that participates in process managements, that is open to change and the world, that improves continually and undersigns success stories and that is happy & highly motivated.

The following are included in this objective:

  • Creating cadres that will create added value for the company’s growth and vision;
  • Ensuring that employees work with loyalty to the corporate culture within the framework of Laws and the internationally accepted ethical principles;
  • Creating managerial, personal and vocational development plans that will increase the technical knowledge and skills of employees in line with the duties that are included by company’s values and positions and therefore ensuring improvement;
  • Embodying open & net communication that is based on mutual trust within the working environment and the corporate culture.
  • Conducting the necessary studies for increasing the employees’ motivations;
  • Promoting team work and creating teams that are highly concentrated and that efficiently use time;
  • Ensuring that quality awareness is internalized by all employees during all stages of work.
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