TECHNICAL Properties;

  • Aluminum thicknesses is 0.25 mm and 0.30 mm.
  • Dimensions: 125×320 cm – 125×600 cm – 150×320 cm – 150×600 cm.
  • It is highly rigid and resistant.
  • It is highly resistant to external weather conditions and UV rays.
  • It manifests acidic and basic resistance performance under harsh external environmental conditions.
  • Its surface is smooth, plain and shiny.
  • It can be processed easily.
  • It has acoustic isolation and it absorbs vibration.
  • It is distinguished from other composite panels with its heat isolation and non-flammable features.
  • It is highly impact resistant.
  • It protects the building from harmful impacts that result from industrial and environmental pollutions.
  • It acts as a barrier against solar radiation.
  • It is a light material and does not bring additional burden on the building.


  • Alpil SmartBOND Aluminum Composite Panels, which have a wide area of use, have superior features compared to other building materials with their color options, resistance against environmental impacts, ease of shaping and their absorption of heath & noise.
  • It provides an esthetical and chic appearance, it is easy to use. It is 100% recyclable and environmental friendly. With its ease of processing, it yields good results when implementing the desired designs.
  • You can use your creativeness as you wish with its flexible structure.
  • Areas of Use;
  • Advertisement Applications
  • Internal Decoration Applications
Wall Cladding Composite Panel

SmartBOND Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Panel
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