Aluminum Composite Panel

Introduction :

Aluminium Composite Panel is a construction element produced by using advanced technology, preferred frequently and used in architecture swimmingly.
It contributes to production of a new view and modern lines in all kinds of building and construction. Aluminium composite panels have become a preferred building material with the availability to use the interior and exterior surfaces in buildings.
Aluminium Composite Panels are aluminium composite boards that are covered with two side plates filled in polyethylene. In addition to many colour choices, they are used in facade lining as complementary elements in the architectural aesthetics with granite and wood siding options.

Aluminium composite panels consist of two layer of polyethylene building cladding systems. Nowadays, it has an area of utilization and has continued to spread with an increasing trend as the day goes on in advertising, promotion, and a wide range of decorative applications.
Composite panel cladding systems are widely used in the field of contemporary architecture that is unlimited in the imagination of siding. The composite panel facade systems are presented in order to respond to the designs of modern architecture and are continuous to the increasing demand of opening new horizons. It offers rich formatting capabilities for the planning of new construction or the restoration of old buildings. Except the aesthetic appearance of your building, it has become a building material that can be used easily. Aluminium composite panel is created by sticking with various techniques between aluminium plates of 0, 5 mm thickness on the external surface of a special filling material. Applied 4mm thick aluminium composite sheets with various colours and texture options at the maximum are on the market. The colour range is quite large, as well as wood-grain options that are used in wall cladding. We use quality brands such as aluminium composite sheet with advantages such as conveniently formability, lightweight, durability, no effect by radiation and climatic conditions. The word group of composite panel cladding and coating used in this system have the same meanings.

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